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Malachi Mcsheen



Malachi Mcsheen (@mcsheen10) is a hair stylist originally from London, but currently based in Australia. Growing up he never had a role mode, so certain years were difficult. These days he keeps up with his pack of gay friends because they always ground him and keep him centered. The person he looks up to the most is his best friend. Malachi’s biggest aspiration is to be the best version of himself he can be, and to help as many of his 23.5k followers as he can along his way.

Based In

Malachi loves the vibe of New York City.

“What’s not to love about a 24 hour city.”

“The ocean is where I feel free.”


“I’m constantly mixing up my workout, from kettle bell workouts to lunges, to deadlifts, to yoga.”

Malachi loves reading anything to do with spoken word and poetry. It instantly grabs his attention. He loves being inspired and is always keeping up to date with Write About Now, a spoken word Facebook page. The poetry is captivating and constantly inspire’s him when writing. His favorite movie is Muriel’s Wedding, because it’s hilarious. He also loves My Girl and The Little Mermaid, because he loves to sing along to it. Malachi loves boxers or briefs, particularly BONDS, as they’re extremely comfortable to him.


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