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Mato Krenco


Mato is a translator specializing in localization, or internationalization, of software. His specialty is antivirus software. He is not really into the scene, and considers himself a bit of a lone wolf with a passion for photography. He enjoys individual sports like skiing, bike, inline/ice skating, swimming, running and hitting the gym. He prefers electronic/disco music because he needs a good beat at the gym. Mato is modest, calling himself a “really a simple guy.” But dedicates time to building a massive physique, translating software, and running a tech YouTube channel, a Photography instagram, on top of updating his 26k+ followers @mato_krenco.

Based In
Bratislava, Slovakia

Mato loves to visit Tel Aviv because it has

“the nicest people you can meet!”

"I love to help guys get bigger. Send me a DM."


He’s attracted to muscle guys (think @thom.austin) with a handsome face. Ideally with above average IQ, similar interests and humor and a compatible socioeconomic background. His dream is to be with the love of his life in one happy household.

Mato’s favorite movies are In Time and Looper because he loves sci fi movies that create a new concept of the world. A self-proclaimed geek, he loves tech gadgets and spends his time reading things like The Verge, CNET, and What HiFi. He even has his own YouTube channel where he unboxes and reviews stuff.



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