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Al Burrows


Al is a hairdresser based in London. He runs with a pack of beautiful, nonjudgmental guys that are always there for him. The gym is a huge part of his life and he works out 6 days a week, for the obvious physical changes but it also helps him stay mentally balanced. When he’s not pumping iron, he spends his time reading websites like The Authentic Gay Blog and Hypebeast for the fashion, photography, and culture. His dream is to be loved while having his family, friends and partner around him.

Based In
London, England

Ibiza holds a special place in his heart and considers it

“the greatest place on Earth!”

Al is into short muscle guys, generally bald or short tight cropped hair, with tattoos but also thinks no tattoos is very sexy! Brazilian and Spanish guys are way up on his list. He loves a classic Calvin Klein brief, and finds them very sexy.

He loves the movie Dirty Dancing and thinks it should have inspired him more to follow his dream as a dancer but he didn’t realize that was a career option as a kid. Female singer-song writers are huge in his life, as are soul, disco, and house music. His favorite is Grace Jones because she never followed the crowd.

"To me music should invoke an emotion be that happiness, a tear, chills or euphoria."


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